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Future Projects 

As this endeavor continues to grow, I'd love to expand Bundles 4 Babies to reach communities in need across the US and to other countries that have this need. I aim to build a stock pile of the bundles so when a need arises, I can hopefully provide some assistance and provide relief. 

Hurricane Harvey Relief

This past September, the Houston area was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Luckily, we were able to distribute close to 30 Bundles 4 Babies. This made me recognize the need for us to always have bundles readily available as State Side emergencies can happen at any time. 

Puerto Plata

The fist year of bringing Bundles 4 Babies to Puerto Plata, we were able to distribute 100 bundles over the course of 1 week. In the future, I would like to bring even more. With the help of monetary donations, we would be able to afford the cost associated with flying the packages to the Dominican Republic. 






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